Is ‘pay per mile’  the way forward for feeding the treasury?
Gareth Llewellyn is currently the boss of the DVSA and the man regulating our industry. He’s big on sustainable development, human rights, and has even addressed the United Nations
cars and life.
FEATURE: Motor-vation:
It’s your key training tool, mobile office and moving advertising hoarding, so it helps to keep it up to date. We look at how you can finance your new motor, what the options are and the current trends
John Farlam eliminating the top 10 test failures. No:4 Turning Right
NEW FEATURE: Miller's musings
A new series from John Miller looking at our industry and you
FEATURE:  A new report from the RAC Fdn looks  back to the future to find what works to inspire future driver training
ROAD TEST: On a new plane, the Astra is back to its best
SPOTLIGHT: Driving Instructor Services and 10 years supporting ADIs

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