• Eye tests are mandatory in 16 countries, with places such as Thailand testing for colour blindness and peripheral vision.
  • The UK has the 16th hardest theory test in the world, behind the likes of Russia and Japan, requiring 86% to pass.  

Alongside this, we’ve explored the cheapest and most expensive tests, the longest and hardest theory tests, medical requirements, and finally, a selection of the most bizarre requirements from around the world.

Most Expensive Tests
Country Fee breakdown Total price in £
Croatia It costs around €1,000 to attend a mandatory driving school, plus 25 euros for the license.  £                                        930.00
Malaysia You would expect to pay RM2,700 for a 7- 10-week course that includes 3 attempts at the theory test and unlimited retesting for the final practical exam.  £                                        505.00
Andorra It costs around €370 to take the driving test., plus a €70 license fee.  £                                        401.00
Germany The theory test costs €123.49, whilst the practical test costs €290.75  £                                        380.00
Norway More expensive than the practical test, which is €115, you’ll pay €300 to take your theory test.  £                                        378.00
Bahrain A learner license costs 35 BHD, whilst 22 hours of training and test booking costs 140 BHD.  £                                        361.00
Sweden The theory (Including Risk Training) test costs 3025kr and the practical test costs 800kr.  £                                        338.00
Brazil You’ll pay around R$800 to R$1,500 to obtain your full driving licence.  £                                        213.00
France It costs €200 euro to take the French driving test.  £                                        184.00
Brunei The theory test is B$120, whilst the practical test is $160  £                                        160.00

As we compiled the data in our study, we stumbled upon some pretty bizarre testing elements. From driving tests without examiners to those with students and police officers in the back seats, take a look at the weird and wonderful requirements around the world. You can explore the full study here: https://www.zuto.com/driving-tests-around-the-world/