Of all the recent additions to the practical test and the learning to drive syllabus, there’s no doubt the ‘Pulling up on the right’ manoeuvre has been one of the most debated. Concerns over safety and reaction of other road users has been regularly discussed between instructors and the DVSA.

The general feedback has been sparse and a mixed bag, however a group of Aberdeen instructors have shared their experiences –

Ms Van Someran, who owns Neutral Driving Tuition, based in Stonehaven, said: “The road rage we are suffering has rocketed since December.

“Drivers have even got out of their car and hurled abuse to other instructors. I would say to other road users: ‘What would you do if it were your son or daughter who was the learner?’ Please think of others.”

Chris Smart, who is an instructor based in the city, said: “The abuse and hand gestures we get for doing what we must teach makes the job harder than it already can be.

“It can take a pupil suffering anxiety disorder every ounce of strength to turn up for their lesson as it is.”

Lesley Young, who was the UK’s chief driving examiner when the test was changed, said: “The reality is, it’s not always possible to pull up on the left.

“So, as well as being taught it’s best practice to pull up on the left, we want to make sure new drivers know what factors to take into account when they decide whether to pull up on the right and are trained to carry out the manoeuvre safely.”

You can read the full story at the Evening Express website – here