A shocking 81% of learners have experienced abuse or intimidation from other road users, which leads to 72% of learners making mistakes. Marmalade Insurance have made it their mission to put a stop to this, and they need your help!

Help make a difference!

Marmalade Insurance are asking the Government to do more to prevent on-road bullying of learners by introducing measures to impose stronger sentences on drivers who drive carelessly or dangerously around learner drivers.

They’ll also be raising awareness amongst all road users, providing guidance to learners on how to deal with on-road abuse, and sharing resources on how road users can curb their road rage. Read more about their campaign here.

What other learner drivers say…

  • I’ve had drivers get out the car and shout, or wind down their windows and call me useless.
  • Drivers make you feel as if you’re wrong when you follow the rules and they break them.
  • I got verbal abuse and rude hand gestures… and stalled the car.
  • The road is a scary place! I don’t drive anymore because of the other people on the road!
  • Beeping at me isn’t going to make me recover from stalling any quicker!

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