Over the years there have been many changes in the ADI world, and it is important to keep up to date with the changes to ensure you are always delivering the best training possible. Susan McCormack, of Tri-Coaching Partnership has now kindly unearthed some of the old training videos she was in to show how much has changed over the years.

The video shows the pre-set tests and examiner role-play, whereas now it is the far more engaging client-centred learning and goal-focused training, which is more effective for the PDIs and the student drivers.  To see the blast from the past, you can view the video here.

In an ever changing industry, keeping your finger on the pulse of change and development is hugely important, not to mention rewarding for the ADIs and pupils and Tri-Coaching Partnership aims to improve road safety and training standards through better education.

They have a vast array of courses, including a BTEC in Coaching for Driver Development, which looks to improve communication skills and higher level thinking skills.  Tri-Coaching also offer One-to-One Standard Check Training Days to ensure ADIs have all the tools there to ensure they stay on the road.

If finding the time to go to a course is proving difficult, they also have weekly webinars they send out, to ensure the latest aspects of driver training, and which gets sent straight to your inbox to view as and when you’re ready.

For further information on their courses please visit them here. They also have a youtube page, which you can visit here.