A new collection of scented car sprays has been launched by Pentagon Motor Group. They are designed to alleviate driving stress, annoyance and anxiety according to the producers. 

The range includes three sprays: ‘The Daily Driver’, ‘The Road Tripper’ and ‘The Learner’. All contain calming essential oils that can restore relaxation when behind the wheel.

Not currently on sale, those wanting to try the new Automotive Atomiser collection must enter a simple competition via the Pentagon Motor Group website. 

The Learner
An anti-fail fragrance to tackle driving test doom

Sweetly-scented orange oil helps alleviate anxious feelings. Rich neroli improves concentration, mood, and memory and delicate lemongrass oil helps reduce tension. Combining these produces the perfect pre-driving-test potion. However delightful and calming this sent is, the makers cannot “guarantee a driver’s license after a few spritzes around the car”. 

The Daily Driver
Solve sat-nav stress & traffic trauma

Temperamental sat navs or dealing with an endless traffic congestion, stress is all too familiar amongst drivers. This spray can’t mute a backseat driver or make traffic disappear, but it may aid your toleration levels. Blending calming lavender oil with the negativity-cleansing properties of lemon, and stress-reducing yuzu oil. And breathe….

The Road Tripper
Remedy road trip rage for a car-m driving experience

Frustrations and annoyance is the ultimate way to ruin your road trip. This uplifting spritz could set a calmer reaction on future journeys. The rejuvenating powers of bergamot oil, the floral hit of calming ylang-ylang, and eucalyptus oil, widely used in aromatherapy. Designed to shift feelings of annoyance into positive thoughts, this scent will help you move forward. 

Breathe easy

“Cars can be great for so many things,” states Jonathan Lingham, Marketing Director at Pentagon Motor Group. “However, nobody can deny that along with these lovely experiences come a few stressful moments too. Whether your stress levels are hiked up by gridlocked traffic, your patience tested by children arguing in the back of the car or feeling anxious ahead of the driving test, our new collection of three perfectly balanced scents will help to alleviate any bad vibes and create a drama-free driving experience.”

To be in with a chance of winning the limited launch, visit their website to enter here