1. Waiting rooms – what stage are the discussions with HSE/your decision making on this one?
No change to our current position at this time.  DVSA is currently in discussion with HSE about the use of waiting rooms for driving instructors.  Our current policy remains in place at this time.

2. Outstations in Scotland: Yesterday there were still none in Aberfeldy, Callander or Fort William.
As per message last night Booking a test at a remote driving test site: If you or your pupils are unable to book a driving test at a remote driving test centre on the online booking service, please call our Customer Service Centre on 0300 200 1122.  For your awareness average wait right now is 7 minutes, average time yesterday (i.e. across the whole day) was 17  minutes.  Some Driving Test Centres in Scotland are not available via our online booking service because the sites have not yet reopened.  We are working with the landlords to make sure it is safe for candidates and driving examiners to return to these sites.  Online driver test bookings at test centres in Lerwick, Lochgilphead, Oban, Peebles, Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Callander, Dumfries (LGV), Duns, Portree, Kelso and Kirkwall are normally administered via an on hold system.  Test schedules for these sites are arranged as and when we receive test bookings from candidates. This means specific test dates and times are not displayed in advance via the online booking system and candidates are placed on a waiting list.  We will update candidates and driving instructors on the reopening of sites and test schedules as they are confirmed.  If you or your pupils are unable to book a driving test at a remote driving test centre on the online booking service, please call our Customer Service Centre on 0300 200 1122.

3. What wipes are being used by DVSA as in some cars a white residue is forming which could suggest bleach. Many ADIs don’t own their cars so its worrying them.
The wipes are from Suresan.  They are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and do not contain any bleach.  The information is on the Suresan website.  There is also a Material Safety Data Sheet available for the product.

4. Report of a driving instructor who is trying to get their HGV. Done their theory but need to book the CPC test but it’s not coming up as an option, they have tried to call several times and have messaged 3 times with no reply, do you have any idea what they need to do next?
Driver CPC slots have been underutilised at a time of very high practical test demand, so were converted into standard practical test slots.  If you want a Driver CPC test, please book a practical test slot, submit a DVSA general request via the Online Business Service and ask us to convert it into a Driver CPC slot.

5. What is the latest news for PDIs trying to book part 3 tests?
We are adding more slots to increase the capacity.  PDIs can book as normal.  We are calling all PDIs before the part 3 to check they understand the process mask etc. and asking the examiner to report to us if they have emailed CSU and haven’t had a reply yet for a test date change.

6. No toilet facilities in Stirling. Colleagues have posted that there are notices up in the test centre that the facilities cannot be used, and an instructor who had not seen the notice asked to use the toilet facilities and was refused. The building is shared, but it is a government building; I think it also houses facilities for Jobseekers and Health and Disability Assessments.
This is a shared building.  The health and safety officer for the landlord made the decision that no members of the public are allowed in this part of the building. They will review this and update us when there is a change, but at present this is likely to be some time off.

7. Theory tests booking online.   Some test centres show no Motorcycle theory test available at that centre.  It appears that it’s a capacity issue and its restricting theory test to car drivers only until they get more spaces.  
There is unprecedented demand across the theory test network for theory tests at the moment and Pearson are opening all hours possible (venues, landlords, health & safety of staff and customers allows) to try and meet this demand. England & Wales are open at 1 metre plus social distancing which allowed for more availability than at 2 metres, however, Scotland remains at 2 metre social distancing so capacity is more restricted in those areas.

The system doesn’t work by restricting capacity to one category of test over another.

If you can find out the sites they are looking to book at, I can make some enquiries, but I expect capacity is potentially maxed out at those sites. We have in the past advised customers that they may need to travel further to get the test date of their choice. Let me know what the sites are if you can.

8. The ADI trainers are having trouble accessing the appropriate forms for when a PDI fails the first attempt at part three. They should go onto ADI21 AS, or ADI 21 AT depending on the route they are on. But the forms cannot be found anywhere and the DVSA are not responding on padi@. The GOV.UK website is only allowing download of the ADI 21S or ADI 21T forms, which are the wrong ones for second and third attempts and could be refused by the examiner as the wrong paperwork.
The padi@dvsa.gov.uk team are currently responding to most enquiries within 2 hours.  All the paperwork required is accessible here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/trainee-driving-instructor-extra-training-declaration