So the annual fuss and secrecy of the Apple hardware conference has  given us 3 new iPhone models and a new Apple Watch.

The current models iPhone 8, the ‘8 Plus’ and the ‘X’ will continue to be sold alongside the 3 new models.

Much of the rumour around the launch focuses on the names of the new devices, which have now dropped the number based system and a much more car model type system.

The entry model or lowest price option will be the iPhone XR, coming in a choice of 6 colours including Blue, Coral and even Yellow!

The XR features a 6.1inch Liquid Retina HD display and a 12 megapixel camera. A large increase on the current iPhone 8 Plus, which is just 5.5inch.

All the new phones take the design led last year by the X, removing the home button.

The premium models will be the XS sporting a 5.8 inch OLED screen with a Super Retina display and a dual camera approach to it’s 12mp camera, giving much stronger photography capabilities.

The XS will also get a ‘Max’ variant. The XS Max will have a huge 6.5inch display and feature the same tech as the XS. This model is the first handset by Apple to retail for over $1,000 dollars (when purchasing the device outright).

The good news across the board is that all 3 phones will have the same new A12 processing chip, so should all pack a punch in the performance stakes.

Memory wise, there’s options from 64gb all the way up to 512gb (XS & XS Max only).

In summary there’s plenty of choice, but potentially so much that people could get confused. Apple have focused on making the core of the device better, such as the processor and camera, however we’re used to the odd new feature knocking our socks off, which hasn’t really happened this time around.  The XS models are great for users who have a keen interest in photography, but the XR will be plenty enough for most people.

Do you plan on purchasing one of the new models? Let us know with a thumbs up or down?

You can check out the full details on the Apple website