Are You In The Top 100 ADIs?

Intelligent Instructor Awards announce the ADI of the year short list and more


The Intelligent Instructor Awards process is in full swing and top of the voting selections has to be ‘Driving Instructor of the Year’.

There are 11 regional awards up for grabs, with one being crowned overall champion. There are six other award categories up for awards to and you can see and vote on them all here.

Your Industry Awards

What makes this award so relevant and special is that the top 100 have been selected from thousands of nominations, received directly from learners across the whole of the UK.

Our judging panel will be selecting the winner for each area and, subsequently, the ‘Driving Instructor of the Year 2021’.

Are You A Top ADI?

So, are you on the list?

Take a look and fingers crossed:

East of England

  • Jeff Tuck
  • Louise Watson
  • Dean Thomas
  • Ian Whittaker
  • Natalie Cleal

East Midlands

  • Neil Wightman
  • Cheryl Plume
  • Mark Eastwood
  • Zunaid Abba
  • Alby Johnson
  • Mark Jones
  • Donny Calder
  • Helen Corney
  • Nick Cook
  • Waldemar Zajac


  • Anthony Georgiou
  • Mechelle Mitchell
  • Michael Gambin
  • Colvin Boyce
  • Shaz Ahmed
  • Vijayaratnam Mathanarajah
  • Winfield Roachford

North East

  • Tracy Gannon
  • Neil Hogg
  • Alan Blake
  • John Denholm
  • John Allison
  • Chris Harris
  • Thomas Concannon
  • Ellis Wood
  • Daniel Todd
  • James Gordon
  • Martin Stacey

North West

  • Joe Bangudu
  • Lewis Reeve
  • Jackie Bradley
  • Christian Brydon
  • Nick Topping
  • Richard Whitworth
  • Richard Harrington
  • Hazel Davies
  • Laurence Whelan


  • Chris Greer
  • Brian Smith
  • Craig Reekie
  • Desmond McGuckien
  • Sally Ross

South East

  • Martin Caswell
  • Peter Skelton
  • Keith Gambles
  • Clare Denton
  • Debbie Nash
  • Barry Moss
  • James Smith
  • Gary Moss
  • Matt Hensley
  • Kelly-Ann Moss
  • Robyn Lait
  • Susan Smith
  • Martin Forward
  • Simon Stevenson
  • Ian Davis
  • Damien Matthews

South West

  • Chris Borchardt
  • Steve Wright
  • Paul Kellow
  • Angela Hazell
  • Emily Johnson
  • Gill Elmer
  • Joel Wreford
  • Maria Adams


  • Sheena Ahmed
  • Ellen Tamilia
  • Hugh Davies
  • Andrew Ogborne
  • Rob Hockey
  • Trevor Young

West Midlands

  • Michael Harvey
  • Craig Anderson
  • Steve Harris
  • Mark Tonks
  • Alan Johnston
  • Emma Harvey
  • Mariusz Sosulski
  • Bains Singh
  • Joanna Pemberton
  • Sadhana Patel
  • Debbie Wale
  • Steve Crowdy

Yorkshire and Humber

  • Paul Middleton
  • Jane Wood
  • Mick Knowles
  • Lee Townson
  • Richard Rawden
  • Stephen Crouch
  • Andrew Sinker
  • Nicky Harris
  • Mandy Rattanpal
  • Steph Coulson
  • Gregory Hunter

Congratulations to everyone on the short list and good luck.

Tools of the Trade

Also, why not vote on the other categories in the awards process. It’s easy to do and remember that these categories and nominations are important to the work you do, help the work you do, so only you know whether they deserve the awards on behalf of you. So, have your say on:

Driving Instructor Car of the Year

Car Supplier of the Year

Driving Instructor Insurer of the Year

National Driving School of the Year

Product of the Year

Professional Support Provider of the Year


Cast your vote here


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