Articles by: Richard Borges


DVSA Update for Scotland

The Scottish Government announced on 19 December that mainland Scotland will be moving into level 4 restrictions from 00:01 on 26 December for a period of 3 weeks.

One in eight British drivers can’t identify their vehicle’s fuel warning light

The electronic throttle control light confused motorists the most, with four fifths (82%) unable to recognise it

Average UK car costs £192 a month to run

New research has revealed that the average UK car costs £192 a month (£2,300 a year) to run, with fuel accounting for nearly half of the total expenditure.

Intelligent Instructor wins publisher of the year at GoRoadie awards

In what has been a tumultuous year for the instructor industry we are proud to receive this award for all the hard efforts of our team.

Coronavirus: driving tests

Find out how driving tests are affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) and what changes to expect when you take your driving test.

Driving test centre waiting rooms during coronavirus

Following the successful reopening of 121 waiting rooms across Great Britain the DVSA will be opening a further 75 waiting rooms between Friday 18 December and Tuesday 29 December.
Road Safety

It takes the average Briton up to 6 months to drive on the motorway after passing their driving test

Britons who passed their test before lessons were allowed on the motorway, take an average of 6 months to drive on the motorway with a full driving licence.

UK Drivers reveal their favourite festive journeys

Ever wondered what the nation’s favourite Christmas journeys’ are? Well wonder no more because JET, one of the UK’s leading fuel brands, has conducted new research that reveals the top ten trips we love to make over the festive period.

Map of the funniest place names in the UK

Brits have been urged to spice up their 2021 travel plans by arranging a wacky road trip to visit some of the weirdest place names around the UK.