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Road Safety

Cycling UK and Uber launch ‘Dutch Reach’ campaign

Cycling UK has teamed up with Uber to raise awareness of a ‘simple technique’ to ensure drivers avoid opening doors into the path of cyclists
Look Who's Talking

John Lepine MBE

A figure to be reckoned with, larger than life and a font of information on all things driver training, and longstanding manager of the MSA, but after 42 years in the business, John Lepine has pulled up on the right and left the vehicle

Dipod 157

In this show we are joined in the studio by Richard Borges and Ceri-Ann from Intelligent Instructor and amongst other things we talk about the conference and expo that is being planned for October.

The London Motor & technology Show 2019

Our Intelligent Instructor team attended the London Motor & Technology Show with a view to getting hands-on with some of the cars we think will be considered by driving instructors over the next 12 months


Talking equestrian road safety with Alan Hiscox

Advertising feature brought to you by BSM

5 challenges of a new ADI

Some good advice for driving instructors just starting out

Dipod 155

Check out the latest episode from the leading free podcast for Driving Instructors


Podcast by Nick Rawlings the editor of Road Safety News

Dipod 154

In this show we try and define rural roads, and talk about the new law relating to passing cyclists amongst other things