Articles by: Richard Borges


Ten signs your car isn’t ready for the winter

Cold conditions over the winter can exacerbate any underlying mechanical problems with your car and even lead to a breakdown

The Intelligent Instructor Awards 2019

The ADI networking event of the year
Road Safety

European summer school opens for registration

Road safety professionals are being invited to register for the 2019 European Road Safety Summer School, which will feature presentations by at least three UK-based road safety officers.
Government Investment

SCP cuts ‘jeopardising lives’

The number of school crossing patrols funded by councils across Great Britain has fallen by almost a quarter in the last five years, new BBC figures show
Technology & Innovation

New Nissan connected car technology will help drivers ‘see the invisible’

Nissan will next week unveil its ‘Invisible-to-Visible’ (I2V) vision for connected cars which will help drivers see obstacles otherwise hidden out of sight

Stingy supermarkets urged to slash fuel prices

The RAC is calling on the UK’s major fuel retailers to pass on savings from the latest fall in oil prices to overcharged drivers

Innocent drivers hit by car cloning criminals

Unsuspecting motorists face being charged with offences they didn’t commit due to car-cloning criminal gangs, a top police official is warning
Road Safety

Casualties from crashes caused by slow drivers up by nearly a third

Drivers have admitted their frustrations over slow vehicles on the roads after figures showed the number of casualties from crashes caused by sluggish motorists increased by almost a third last year

Is the whole model of car ownership being forced into a shift?

2019 to be the most expensive year ever to own a car