Articles by: Richard Borges


36.5% of UK drivers surveyed were confused as to what they can and can’t do during lockdown

Over 1/4 of drivers said that they have shared a car with someone outside of their household or support bubble.

NASP urges action on continued closure of waiting rooms

NASP is today urging members to lodge a complaint with the Health and Safety Executive regarding the continued closure of test centre waiting rooms.

Pandemic has caused almost 14 million UK drivers to change their car buying plans

Infection concerns, environmental issues and possible bargains making drivers more likely to change their vehicle

Driver caution: 61 per cent increase in planning applications to install ANPR cameras in car parks

£1.07 billion of fines were handed out after drivers were caught by ANPR parking cameras in the last 12 months alone, with £2,030 generated every minute

How to avoid autumnal road hazards

As temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter, drivers have been offered advice on how to avoid the dangers autumn can bring to UK roads.
Road Safety

Highways England airs plan to protect workers with new inflatable barrier

An inflatable safety barrier that can be put up in a matter of minutes is to help protect road workers on Highways England’s road network.
Technology & Innovation

New gritters take to the road

Ninety-three new state of the art gritters will be patrolling England’s motorways and major A roads this winter as part of a multi-million investment to help keep traffic moving in severe weather.

Critical workers during lockdown have a much higher pass rate

Between April and June – where only Critical Workers were allowed to take their practical tests
Road Safety

Drivers over 55 twice as likely to know common road signs than under 24s

Drivers over 55 have a much better knowledge of common road signs compared to younger generations according to new research.