Articles by: Richard Borges

Road Safety

‘Sleep suit’ safety aid demonstrates the dangers of driving while tired

As the Christmas party season begins in earnest the conversation around driving while drunk is going to crop up for a lot of us as we all pick our designated drivers or figure out who will be paying for the taxi home.

November sees largest petrol price drop in four years – but retailers still didn’t cut far enough

Oil plummets by 24% to $57 a barrel while retailers take record margins on unleaded
Legislation & Regulation

Half of motorists failed drug-driving tests in England and Wales

Thirty-seven drivers a day caught driving under influence of banned substances

Aston Martin will make old cars electric so they don’t get banned from cities

The ‘Heritage EV’ program launches next year
Road Safety

Hard-hitting drink driving display at fire station

A dramatic visual display has been placed outside a fire station as part of a Christmas drink and drug driving campaign
Legislation & Regulation

Randox forensics inquiry: Forty drug-driving offences quashed

At least 40 motorists convicted of drug-driving offences have been cleared after evidence of manipulation was found in the forensic testing process

Volkswagen to launch 2,400 electric vehicle chargers at Tesco stores

Building up the (charging) points
Teaching & Training

Six months on: More learners fail to grasp the opportunity to learn on the motorway

More than two-thirds of driving instructors admit little impact to their schedule due to small appetite

Dipod 150 – Conference 2018

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