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Plugging in

If you are lucky enough to be one of the 60% of the population who have off-street parking, then your home charger will take care of the vast bulk of your charging needs.

Automatic for the people

Just as the combustion engine’s days are numbered, so are those of the manual gearbox. Both are very old technology…


Sparking Change

When the new Tesla Roadster is released it will offer a range of over 600 miles and a 0-60mph of 1.9 seconds making it sadly unsuitable as your next tuition car, so let’s focus on more realistic options
EV feature

Back to the future

Vs are now achieving exponential demand, triggering long waiting lists and $300 billion dollars of investment from manufacturers reacting to demand.
EV Volts

History of the electric car

An emissions-free adventure through the timeline of EV’s

Voltaic Days

Life as an EV driving instructor complete with it’s problems
Plug socket

Plug and Play!

A rather extensive guide to EV charging for driving instructors
EV Dash

Charged Yet Chilled

How electric cars can transform the driving experience
EV Driving school

The Electric Learners

As the non-sensical stigma against auto finally dies away the demand for automatic continues to increase rapidly
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