With its comprehensive commission structure, ADIs can earn between £15 and £250 (depending on what product their pupil has bought) and take advantage of a range of benefits specifically tailored to ADIs. 

Suzy Walsh, Marmalade Network’s manager, says: “I love that we are able to offer a complete package to driving instructors. An ADI can sign up with us to earn commission, access all the Network’s benefits and even buy a brand new, dual controlled car when the time comes to upgrade theirs. 

The growth of the Network over the past few years, and the support we’ve had from ADIs has been terrific, we’ve been able to build some really valuable relationships with instructors, professional bodies and highly respected companies that share a similar ethos to Marmalade. 

Our affiliate commissions scheme is completely transparent. Payments are made monthly by BACS, and ADIs can log onto their individual accounts to see what the payments relate to. 

We have no membership or admin costs, and the tiered membership built on commission earned, means members work their way up the scale to become entitled to more and more benefits as they go.    

We are becoming a major presence at conferences and industry events and are extremely proud to be headline sponsor of the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo ‘21, as well as the main trade sponsor of the Driving Instructor Show next Spring. 

I firmly believe our success stems from our committed team that provides a personalised service to ADIs.  We try to make the referral process as easy as possible by providing instructors with resources such as free leaflets, booklets and business cards.  We can also give them personalised links they can use on their social media. 

The majority of ADIs registered with us are independent and find that being part of our Network and tapping into the resources and support on offer hugely valuable.  ADIs are able to contact us for guidance and be a part of a really positive Facebook group.  We act impartially and would never request an ADI to recommend Marmalade ahead of any other company.  We simply ask ADIs to make their pupils aware of Marmalade, by providing them with booklets which we supply, and which contain all manner of hints and tips to help them through the learning process.” 

To see the full range of training vehicles Marmalade has available, as well as all the other products ADIs can access such as Business Breakdown cover, visit marmaladenetwork.co.uk.  If you prefer to speak to a person, the Network team are ready and waiting to provide help and guidance if you call 0333 323 2615. 

Tel: 0333 323 2615, or email: info@marmaladenetwork.co.uk.