New research produced by Roger Mackett, from UCL’s Centre for Transport Studies, highlights the current barriers that people with mental health disorders face when accessing public transport. These findings echo recent research carried out by TRL and clarify the need for government and policy to work towards designing an accessible transport system that is inclusive to all.

Transport systems are currently inaccessible to many members of our society as a result of the barriers that they experience every day while travelling. One in six adults in England experience mental health difficulties in any given week, from feelings of isolation or anxiety to depression or panic attacks.

TRL experts are available to talk around the following topics:

  • The relationship between mental health and transport, including evidence that mental health difficulties can influence both driver behaviour and travel mode choice.
  • Why there is an urgent need for transport providers to pay more attention to the difficulties that people suffering from poor mental health face.
  • How vehicles of the future will impact on mental health and the potential benefits to mental health that automated vehicle technologies could offer to transport users.

Read: TRL’s full report on Mental Health in Transport.