Allergies, asthma and air pollution affect hundreds of millions of people.

Volvo Cars is offering customers higher air quality inside its latest cars. Cutting-edge air purification systems filter out the demons so you can breathe easy.

They believe clean air offers multiple benefits from a personal health to road safety.

Allergies and pollution

The Advanced Air Cleaner, has been certified ‘asthma & allergy friendly’ by Allergy Standards Limited (ASL). It removes up to 99.9% of grass, tree and weed pollen allergens from incoming air.

The independent certification programme identifies products that are suitable for people with asthma and allergies.

A clear picture and clean air

As well as the new filtration system, drivers will be able to access live data that shows actual outdoor pollen and air quality levels in the car’s centre display. This will help drivers decide on when to use the filtering system.

Cars equipped with the company’s latest air-purification technology also come with a sensor.  Launched in 2020 as a world-first feature, it measures PM 2.5 levels inside the cabin. This means customers can compare these to those to outside levels.

PM 2.5 levels are used to measure air quality when it comes to air pollution. Globally, many urban areas suffer from PM 2.5 levels that exceed recommended levels by the World Health Organisation. These can cause extensive health issues, in particular NOx  particulates. These are accepted as triggering a number of medical conditions, not least asthma.

Keeping it out

Volvo are using a synthetic fibre-based filter and ionisation system. Research shows it can remove up to 95% of all PM 2.5 particles.

Additionally, the Advanced Air Cleaner can prevent more than 97% of airborne viruses entering the cabin. Moreover, it can remove existing viral levels in the vehicle by up to 95% too.

Independent Austrian research and testing institute OFI shows the new technology is highly effective .