ADI Graham Hooper is walking to raise money and awareness of prostate cancer.

He wants you to walk with him and show support for a colleague on the 30th April, London.

Graham writes: “Woody is a friend of mine and many of you who know me will also know Woody.

“Woody is a Blue Light Driver Trainer for the Ambulance service, a coach, an Approved DVSA Driving Instructor and my friend. I am looking for an overwhelming support from the ADI community”.

Graham is a well-known figure in the driver training community. As a coach and mentor himself, he is probably more commonly recognised as the Co-Managing Director of Tri-Coaching Partnership.

Woody’s story

Keith Woodward is ‘Woody’. This is his story:

“Hi my name is Woody.

My life was going great, I am a driving instructor who trains ambulance drivers.

About this time last year I started to notice pains in my lower back and right leg. Eventually I saw a doctor and was checked over and told I had sciatica.

The pains increased and became so bad I was no longer able to do my job and ended up in hospital. After’ several scans and tests I was given the unfortunate diagnosis of Prostate cancer.

A few months later, after radiation treatment, I was told by the oncologist that it was advanced and had spread into my bones (metastatic). I decided from the beginning that I would fight this with positivity kindness and gratitude.

This horrible disease can be controlled easily if it’s caught early enough. Sadly I didn’t know about blood tests (PSA test) that can be taken in order to test for this cancer. My cancer is advanced so I’m raising awareness in the hope that more men are aware of this simple blood test and most importantly I’m raising funds along with a great team to help research into this type of cancer. ”

Help raise awareness

“I’m walking this monopoly board challenge in order to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer uk. This cancer will effect 1 in 8 of us blokes, that’s 1 in 8 dad’s just like me.

Come and join us on April 30th in London for the ‘Monopoly Board Challenge’, or help us by donating anything to this cause. I will walk as much as I can of the course (approx 15 miles).

Come along it will be a great day.

If you are interested in joining the walk email me [email protected] for times and locations.

Thank you so very much for your support ❤️ ”

Read and raise

Woody is writing a regular blog about his condition, treatments and observations. You can read it here.

If you wish to support this fundraising effort, visit the Just Giving page here.