Road Safety

Walking the school run

Encouraging more walking to school is being hampered by speeding drivers. Research has found that ‘unsafe driving speeds’ are preventing…

Road Safety

Generational divide in attitudes to drug driving

More than a fifth of motorists (22%) aged 17-34 believe it is okay to drive after using Class A drugs.…

Road Safety

Nightmare of drowsy drivers

Fatigue is a significant factor in a fifth of all road collisions. It also has a significant impact on your…

Legislation & Regulation

Learn to drive, learn First Aid

Could we cut road deaths by mandating First Aid training for all drivers? A group of motoring experts have renewed…


Raising awareness

ADI Keith (Woody) Woodward continues his efforts to raise awareness and money to fight Prostate Cancer. His campaign began after…


Green habits

UK motorists are adopting long-term changes in driving habits. The three main reasons are to save money, protect the environment…

Road Safety

Drivers need to take fatigue more seriously

If you drive regularly, you’re likely to have experienced the feeling of tiredness at the wheel at some point in…


The growing green revolution

Which drivers have the best eco habits? That’s the question that Auto Trader looked to answer in its latest survey.…

Road Safety

The morning after

The recent official statistics on road casualties revealed that safety on our roads is not improving. Many regard the situation…

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