Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

Convictions for, speeding rise

The courts have been busy with motorists over the last year, according to the latest statistics. While the number of…

Teaching & Training

The conference not to be missed

The industry’s National Conference is coming along the road at pace. With the summer heat beginning to climb, school holidays…

Road Safety

Hands Up

Hands free mobile phone use behind the wheel is again making the headlines. An opinion piece on the Road Safety…

Legislation & Regulation

Driving licence change

The government has published the results of its consultation of changes to the driving licence. Following Brexit and in light…

Road Safety

New junction designs

A recently completed research project has identified two side road crossing designs that encourage drivers to give way to people…

Legislation & Regulation

More than bus lanes

Ambulances, police and fire vehicles are now permitted to access  bus lanes on London’s main arterial roads. This remains the…


Pay per mile

The prospect of ‘pay-as-you-drive’ has been raised again, this time looking at the issue of electric vehicles (EVs) and their…

Legislation & Regulation

Longer lorries

Lorries are getting longer, but not heavier. The Government will legally allow longer lorries on British roads from May 31.…

Road Safety

Missing major faults

According to official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA’s) investigations,  dangerous defects are being missed MoT testers. Analysis of the…

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