Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

20 mph limits “ridiculous” states Rees-Mogg

  Brexit opportunities and government efficiency minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has branded 20 mph speed limits “ridiculous”.  He believes that they…

Legislation & Regulation

E-scooters to be legalised and regulated

Private e-scooters are likely to be legalised for use on roads in Britain under new laws to be unveiled next…


Government tech to tackle noisy vehicles

A national trial of roadside “noise cameras” will be introduced in England and Wales to catch and fine the antisocial…

Road Safety

MoT plans come under fire

Attempts by the government to reduce the rising cost of living are looking increasingly poor. For example, the suggestion to…


Speed limiters for cars coming

Speed limiters are back in the news again. According to an article in The Telegraph, they could be fitted to…

Teaching & Training

Scotland’s Covid restrictions lifted

From the DVSA: We are lifting all COVID-19 restrictions affecting driving and theory tests in Scotland from 18 April in…

Road Safety

Blowing your own horn

An estimated eight million motorists in the UK are running the risk of fines of £1,000 each for sounding their…

Legislation & Regulation

On your bike, off your phone

Should cyclist and e-scooter riders face the same road safety regulations as drivers? That’s the question being raised by Baroness…


One month, One show, One way

In just under a month the industry conference season begins at the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference and Expo South…