Legislation & Regulation

Legislation & Regulation

NASP gets answers to Highway Code concerns

Form NASP: Dear Colleague We are very aware many of you have been asking questions about the new highway code,…

Legislation & Regulation

Highway Code causes concern

The new Highway Code could cause more problems than it solves. According to a new survey by IAM RoadSmart, almost…

Road Safety

Rehabilitation for drug-drivers

The government is looking to bolster conditions and penalties on drug drivers. Under new plans unveiled, drug-drivers could be required…

Road Safety

Does speeding app work

New smartphone app for helping catch speeding drivers is attracting professional concern. Police forensic video analysis experts say it needs…


Ten point plan to cut oil prices

Reduced speed limits, home working and car-free Sundays could help to prevent a global oil crunch. The fuel crisis caused…

Legislation & Regulation

Fuel efficient driving becomes test requirement

From the DVSA: Fuel efficient driving will become a driving fault instead of being an educational assessment on ADI part…

Teaching & Training

Phone mates help young drivers

THINK! has launched a new campaign to reduce handheld phone use among young drivers. The move comes as new legal…

Road Safety

20mph national speed limit by accident

The 20mph speed limit in built up areas is fast becoming the national norm. That is the conclusion of the…

Legislation & Regulation

UK’s top car crimes

New research reveals the most common car crimes and the areas where they are most prevalent. Unsurprisingly, speeding is the…