Legislation & Regulation

Legislation & Regulation

We are the traffic police

‘Big Brother’ is sitting next to you in the car, so careful how you drive. This is certainly the way…


New style driving licences

With the Change in the UK’s European status comes the change to the official UK driving licence. The Government has…

Legislation & Regulation

DVSA announces emergency testing

To help stop the spread of coronavirus, routine practical driving tests have been suspended in England, Scotland and Wales. Emergency…

Legislation & Regulation

Drink driving still a major headache

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has released analysis of the way we deal with drink drivers in…

Legislation & Regulation

Theory test certificate update

In response to Baroness Vere’s refusal to extend the theory test certificate, NASP has sent the following – Dear Baroness…

Legislation & Regulation

Your Registration

The DVSA have updated their guidance on ADI registration and qualifications. This has been done principally to reduce any confusion…

Legislation & Regulation

Theoretical Change in Practice

Changes have been announced by the DVSA as to who runs Theory Testing and where candidates will be taking tests.…

Legislation & Regulation

Teaching & Testing Key Workers

The following has just been received from DVSA in regard to a limited service for key workers. Please read it…

Legislation & Regulation

Stepping On Legal Confusion

It is a first for the British courts – drink driving in charge of an electric scooter. Kyah Jordan, 20,…