Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

No exception to speeding

It’s time to cut out the loophole of ‘exceptional hardship’ for those avoiding a driving ban. That’s the view of…

Teaching & Training

An app-etite for more learning

The Theory Test has now experienced a consistent drop in pass rates over the last 15 years. According to data…

Teaching & Training

At the heart of parallel parking

Parallel parking has long been regarded as a huge issue for learners. However, a new study reveals that the fear…

Business Opportunities

Don’t miss out

This Sunday is set to see the biggest event of its kind in our industry: The ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor…


Political drive

As the Prime Minister opens his first Conservative Party Conference, he is also setting out both his vision for the…

Legislation & Regulation

Breaking unknown laws

A study by Scrap Car Comparison reveals huge numbers of drivers are breaking UK road laws. However, many  have no…

Road Safety

More haste, less speed

The introduction of default 20mph zones across Wales on restricted roads has certainly brought about a swift backlash. Of course,…

Road Safety

Under the influence

Driving under the influence is an increasing problem, especially amongst young drivers. That’s the conclusion of  a new report by…

Legislation & Regulation

Clean air zones are working

City clean air zones have become a controversial point of debate in recent months. The controversy surrounded the extension of…

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