Road Safety


Redressing the road surfaces

While the current freeze brings its own road safety challenges, its not just the short-term effects that cause concern. Any…

Road Safety

Blinded by the light

Modern LED headlights are in the headlines as most drivers reveal they are blinded by them. This has led the…

Road Safety

Automatic impaired driver technology

The US has taken its first steps in the introduction of ‘alco-locks’ all all new cars. It was brought forward…

Legislation & Regulation

Wildlife warning

Small animals could be better protected by new road sign rules. The changes are designed to make it easier for…

Road Safety

Helping raise road safety awareness for young drivers

The Honest Truth runs is next webinar this Thursday (11th January) at 7.30pm. Using TEAMS, this quarterly webinar is focused…

Road Safety

Drivers in the dark

Automatic headlights might seem like they’re one less thing to worry about when driving. However,  John Clark Motor Group have…


Too expensive to drive

New research reveals that 15% of motorists are currently considering giving up driving. The survey carried put by The Green…

Legislation & Regulation

Pointing to the obvious

Police stunned after pulling over one drivers who could possibly be labelled Britain’s worst. Aged just 23, the driver has …

Road Safety

Breaking down best practice

Nearly eight-in-10 (78%) drivers would unknowingly put themselves in danger after breaking down on the motorway and stopping on the…

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