Road Safety


Constant speeding

Half (50%) of car drivers broke the speed limit on 30mph roads. This compares to 45% on motorways and 11%…

Road Safety

TyreSafe and Intelligent Instructor Join Forces to Enhance Tyre Safety Awareness Amongst Learner Drivers and Instructors

TyreSafe, the tyre safety charity, has announced an exciting new partnership with Intelligent Instructor, the leading publisher in the driving instructor sector.
Technology & Innovation

Automatic prosecution

AI technology is working well at catching dangerous drivers. New cameras aimed at catching drivers using their mobile phone behind…


Bangers and bucks

Buying second hand vehicles is always a bit of. lottery. You never know quite what you are investing in, no…

Road Safety

Waking up to danger

A new research project is aiming to reduce road crashes caused by sleepiness. It will monitor shift-workers who drive either…

Legislation & Regulation

Eyes in the sky

Drones could become the latest technology deployed to catch offenders on the road. According to a report in My London,…

Road Safety

Crumbling capability

The UK has consistently reduced funding of road repairs, and the results are clear for anyone driving or riding on…

Road Safety

What to do at a crash scene

Whether you have been involved in or witnessed a bump on the road or a catastrophic collision, car crashes can…

Road Safety

Watching the speedo

True compliance with speed limits in the UK have been revealed using evidence from connected vehicles. As cars become more…

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