Road Safety

Teaching & Training

Teaching older drivers

The RSGB Academy is encouraging more driving instructors to sign up for its Ageing Driver Course. This is currently free…

Road Safety

Joining the dots

Sharing collision data and medical information could help us better understand of the causes and costs of road traffic collisions…


Focusing on young drivers

Driver training is possibly the most important personal safety scheme any of us undergo. Driving or being in a moving…

Road Safety

Not so happy snappers

More than 6,000 videos were submitted to Devon & Cornwall Police via Op Snap throughout 2023. This makes it the…

Road Safety

Criminal driving rises

  The latest official figures from the Home Office reveal increases in both speeding drivers and mobile phone use behind…

Road Safety

Don’t push it

Inappropriate speed kills, and that is the message at the heart of  the new THINK! campaign. The problem is particular…

Road Safety

Changing lanes

The introduction of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) would save lives in the UK. That’s the conclusion of a consultation by…

Road Safety

Take the high road

Changes introduced in the Highway Code two years ago appear to be a cause for concern. The refined hierarchy of…


Positive slow down

A new report has been published looking at the first three months of Wales’s 20mph restricted speed limit on urban…

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