Road Safety

Road Safety

Degrees of influence

A new phased driving licensing system for young and newly qualified drivers gains support. New research finds that the majority…

Road Safety

Road workers under attack

Senior figures from National Highways are urging drivers to respect those working on the road. New figures for the east…

Road Safety

Looking good

Good eyesight is an incredibly important aspect of road safety. Motorists rely on their visual perception to navigate the streets,…

Road Safety

Go slow in road safety

  Brexit is allowing the government to slow down road safety improvements rather than speed them up. The Parliamentary Advisory…

Road Safety

Within the limit can be over the limit

Driving below the signed speed limit can still be too fast. That is the conclusion of a judge in summing…

Road Safety

Self imposed GDL

Anxious parents keen to keep their children safe on the roads are setting their own driving rules, according to new…

Road Safety

The Honest Truth App Launch

If you missed the Honest Truth App Launch Webinar last week, then don’t worry.  It was recorded and it’s now…

Road Safety

Wasps and other insects could have an extra sting in their tales

Wasps, Bees and other insects could cost drivers their licence. That’s the warning as the hot summer months bring the…

Legislation & Regulation

Failing fitness tests

An MOT is a legally required annual inspection for all vehicles. Yet motorists are failing to comply despite facing a…

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