Teaching & Training

Teaching & Training

Learner’s spending more

  New research reveals that learner drivers have spent an estimated £12 million to fast-track their practical tests in the wake…

Teaching & Training

NASP and DVSA’s latest meeting

In attendance: NASP: Representatives from the three national ADI associations that make up NASP, those being ADINJC, DIA and MSA…

Teaching & Training

Has COVID killed intensive driving courses?

Over 80% of FirstCar readers like intensive driving courses. But fewer than 5% would consider booking one until driving test waiting times return to normal.
Teaching & Training

HGV driver training review anounced

The Government has launched a review into HGV driver training. They searching for ways of reducing the burden for existing…

Teaching & Training

Learning to drive around the world

How does Britain compare in the cost of learning to drive? Costs have increased like everything else over the years. …

Teaching & Training

Learner drivers picking up bad habits

The pandemic left many 17-year-olds relying on their parents for driving tuition. However, when surveyed by Young Driver, 89% of…

Teaching & Training

Better prepared learners

From the DVSA: Encouraging learner drivers to be better prepared for their test In preparation for our campaign aimed at…

Road Safety

Crossing the road

A new style of pedestrian crossing is being trialled in Liverpool. This is the UK’s first nudge-behaviour trial. Eye-catching designs…

Road Safety

US teen driver analysis

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has produced an insightful commentary on Teen Drivers. The American road safety organisation has…