Teaching & Training

Teaching & Training

More and more drivers

Driving licence numbers have reached new highs. According to the latest figures, almost a million more drivers are licensed for…

Teaching & Training

Theory test cheats

Reports of cheating in driving theory tests have tripled in the last year. Amid low pass rates and long waits…

Road Safety

Getting there

Where would the modern motorist be without the sat nav? It’s a question I know I have asked myself when…

Road Safety


Motorists could be unknowingly invalidating their car insurance. There are many concerns about misinformation on insurance policies, leaving motorists uninsured.…

Road Safety

Causes of road collisions

 New research has revealed the top causes of road collisions in the UK. Studying the last decade of official figures…

Road Safety

Drive fast, die young

Young male drivers and excessive risk-taking, followed by death and carnage; it’s all too familiar a story. For all the…

Teaching & Training

The wait continues

Test waiting times continue to be a driving issue across the country. Following the backlog caused by the pandemic lockdown,…

Teaching & Training

Title chasers

 Is the kudos of Premier league stars and flash motors rubbing off? According to a new study, Manchester is the…

Fund Raising

Racing for charity

A driving instructor is needing your support? Yes. he’d like you to support him in his drive to raise money…

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