Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

Apple announce new iPhone range

So the annual fuss and secrecy of the Apple hardware conference has  given us 3 new iPhone models and a new Apple Watch.
Technology & Innovation

Japanese instructors ready for lift off

Driving instructors in Japan are looking at new revenue streams including offering drone piloting lessons
Technology & Innovation

Electric car myth buster

New research reveals a huge misunderstanding of pure electric cars by the British public
Technology & Innovation

Volvo’s electrifying plans

In July of last year, they announced that all Volvo they would have a new focus on EV’s, including 5 new fully EV models
Technology & Innovation

Electric cars could be charged on Scalextric-style roads

A new government proposal could see electric cars being charged wirelessly as they drive
Technology & Innovation

Potholes – you may have heard of them?

Ford’s new detection system, unfortunately won’t go around filling in potholes and won’t be swerving dangerously around them either
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