The smarter that vehicles get, the greater the need to connect to the world around them.

An ABI Research study predicted there will be 41 million 5G connected cars on roads by 2030. The first connected cars will be put on sale to the public in 2022.


Futuristic driving is within touching distance and 5G is just the beginning spectrum evolution. This will pave the way for autonomous vehicles in he the not too distant future.

To find out how driving will benefit from connected cars, Select Car Leasing have revealed an interactive 5G daily drive.

This shows how your day-to-day driving will differ when interacting with 5G. Furthermore, their concludes that standard commuting time will be reduced by more than 25%, thanks to connected car technology.

 5G technology will revolutionise your daily drive

  • Smart Traffic Lights Will Eliminate Traffic Jams

Smart Traffic Lights, while communicating with your car, will have a set time between when they turn from red to green. They will be adaptive and change colour depending on how busy the road is in either direction.

Guy Matthews, director of emerging technology at CGI UK says: “There will be significant improvements in transit-route planning and road safety, through the increased capture and transmission of real-time information.”


  • Self-Diagnostic Systems Will Tell You If Your Car Is In Need Of Repair


Car maintenance and repairs can eat away at both your time and money. 5G technology will make it easier to maintain your car due to self-diagnostic capabilities. Samsung-owned Harman identified that 5G will enable car manufacturers to teach your car how to diagnose potential problems and warn the driver of any issues. Roger Jollis, Harman’s Director of Product Management states: “The car will be able to listen to waveforms or vibrations that can be analysed on-board and uploaded to cloud-based systems”.

Other Ways Your Daily Drive Will Benefit From Connected Car Tech:  

  • Your car will be able to see around corners for hazards
  • Lower fuel consumption will mean you’ll save one-third on petrol costs
  • Your car will platoon with other vehicles at much higher speeds
  • Cameras will alert your car of free spaces and park your car for you
  • Your cars will warn you and pedestrians if there’s potential danger
  • Geo-fencing will increase car security levels

You can experience what a daily drive will be like in a connected car by exploring Select Car Leasing’s interactive drive-through.