Almost one in seven (14%) UK drivers have considered getting rid of their car because of the pandemic.

Surprisingly, the survey reveals that men trump women 17% to 11%. For those drivers under the age of 34, the number rises to one in three (35%) .

Safe space

The new survey by InsuretheGap questioned 0ver 2,000 UK drivers. Over half (56%) say they do not need a car as much as they did before the pandemic (53% men and 59% women).

For those below retirement age, working from home is the reason that 40% of drivers say they have less need of a car. Again, for the younger age group, under 34, the figure rises to 58%.

The end of restrictions and the opening back up of society inevitably sees car use rising again. However, many drivers are thinking about down-sizing their vehicles, with over a quarter (26%) saying their next car will be smaller.

Social anxiety

In a time of difficult decisions, using public transport has suffered as people fear infections. This means ales of personal transport has actually been rising, whether bicycles, electric scooters or cars. It’s hardly surprising that 73% of drivers say having a car is still a necessity, with avoiding public transport an important issue for 61% of drivers (59% men and 63% women).

Cars still hold an important place in people’s lives. Whilst drivers may not be using their cars as much, almost a third (29%) still wash their car regularly (34% men and 24% women). Under 34s (41%) are the most likely to clean their cars, compared to only 25% of the over 55s.

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Officer of, said: “Cars sitting idly outside homes has caused many of us to revaluate our car usage with some considering selling their cars or downsizing. However, for the vast majority, having a car is still a necessity for their day-to-day life and particularly when we’re being encouraged to avoid public transport.”