New virtual reality tool lets you put your driving and hazard perception skills to the test

Research by reveals that one in five (21%) learners have their theory or practical test booked this year. However, due to the backlog of tests as a result of the pandemic, budding drivers have had to wait an extra nine weeks on top of the usual waiting time. While the extra wait is frustrating, it often means more lessons in the meantime at a cost of around £570.

As well as studying the latest official reports, surveyed 1,000 learners.

Costs increasing

On average, learners are having three lessons per week to prepare for their practical, costing around £21.09 per lesson. But because they’re now having to wait an extra nine weeks for their test date, they’re forking out £569.43 for additional lessons in the meantime.

Learners in Leeds are currently waiting the longest for their practical – at 13 weeks. Second comes Southampton at 12 weeks.

Older and wiser

The testing process is one of the strictest in the world, and perhaps accounts for the average pas rate of below 50% for the practical.

Many experienced drivers believe thy wouldn’t be able to pass either test first time if they had to take them now (12%). One in six (15%) think they would pass the practical, but not the theory. Going by recent alarming surveys about driver knowledge of road signs, its perhaps not surprising. You would also need to factor in the many tweaks, changes and new additions to the Highway Code since they took their test.

Thinking about this,’s have created a new online tool. Users are able to undertake a mock theory test, where they’ll answer 15 multiple choice questions. They will also be able to take part in a practice Hazard Perception test. Candidates can ‘virtually’ take the wheel and see whether they can spot risks in good time. What’s more, should they score top marks, they’ll even be rewarded with a certificate.

Safety call the tune

The tool is intended not just for learners, but experienced drivers who wish to put their skills to the test. It will perhaps give drivers the opportunity to refresh and understand the need to keep up to date with road skills and knowledge.

Speaking about the research, a spokesperson at, says that “preparing for your test is both an exciting but daunting experience”. The study also shows that “many are having to pay out more money for lessons due to the backlog of tests”.

“However, the hefty costs don’t stop there. Car insurance for young drivers is also costly and the average car insurance premium for a 17-24-year-old now stands at £1,0632.”

The current problems with backlogs has now been highlighted by a number of organisations. The delays are seeing costs rise, while the demand for driving lessons is also a major issue. This has allowed many instructors the opportunity to raise lesson rates. While many young people and their parents baulk a the cost of learning to drive, lesson prices have ben artificially low for a long time. Music or dance lessons, for example, have remained above that of learning to drive despite the importance of driving lessons in terms of safety, independence and careers.

Your time starts now

If you fancy seeing whether you’d pass your theory and practical with flying colours, click here.

Please note, the theory and practical tests are not official tests. Moreover, the tool also works without a VR headset.