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A deep dive into the skills required to A Grade driving lesson around the DVSA National competencies. Ray covers a detailed look at how lessons are structured around the pupil, their goals, needs and all abilities. Not just at the beginning of the lesson but throughout.

Ray Seagrave

Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:

  1. Coaching conversations that help pupils discover solutions around problems.
  2. Lesson structure and working ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the goal. What it is and how it structures what you do with very little effort.
  3. Goal setting like a pro!‘Doing junction’s not an adequate goal. Find out why.
  4. Discover how ‘less is more’ and simplifying what you do helps pupils learn faster.
  5. How listening puts adapting the lesson on autopilot and leaves the pupil feeling happy every lesson that they have made progress.

Session date: Wednesday 8th September 21

Session time: 6-8pm

Price: £36.00 (£26.00 for iiPlus & ADINJC Platinum members)

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