Driver and rider training and testing were suspended in March 2020 because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

This guide is for approved driving instructors (ADIs), motorcycle trainers, and lorry and bus (vocational) trainers.

With lessons starting again in Wales on the 27th of July, Theory tests on the 3rd of August & Practical tests on the 17th of August.

Activity England Scotland Wales
Driving lessons restart 4 July TBC 27 July
Theory tests restart 4 July 22 July 3 August
Increasing the number of critical worker driving tests 6 July TBC 3 August
Start emailing people who had a test cancelled (in batches) to choose a new date 16 July TBC TBC
Driving tests restart for candidates who had a test cancelled 22 July TBC 17 August
Booking service reopens for people who did not have a test booked before lockdown TBC TBC TBC
Close the service for critical workers to apply for an emergency test TBC TBC TBC