That is what Maria and I felt as soon as we met Mike, John and the rest of the Speed Of Sight team at a driving instructor event 4 years ago attended by the ADIJNC and other driving associations and exhibitors.

Speed Of Sight is run by blind race car driver and multiple World Record holder Mike Newman and co-founder John Galloway.  The charity has four cars specially designed and built – two racing cars and 2 all-terrain buggies that facilitate people of all ages and dis/abilities to enjoy the thrill and excitement of driving.

The vehicles, named after Mike’s guide dogs, are specially designed with dual controls, twin steering wheels and hand controls.  Speed Of Sight take their driving days all over the country at racing circuits and off road venues.

Speed Of Sight run events which empower disabled people of all ages. They allow a disabled child or adult a chance to forget, if only for a little while, that they have a disability.  They give a person a respite from the nay-sayers, the fun police, the sceptics, and they say YES!!

YES!  You CAN drive a car.

YES!  You CAN be in control.

YES!  You CAN be like everyone else.

The events are also social occasions. A chance to cheer others on. A chance to chat and laugh and enjoy being a part of something, included in something.  A chance to see that there are others out there struggling with the same issues, the same barriers and talking together about how we overcome and prevail. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give a person is to simply include them.

The teams commitment to delivering their track events was something we felt we needed to be involved with.  Their passion and dedication is contagious and, through various fundraising ideas, we have so far raised over £5000.

We wanted to do more and so Driving School Development have come up with an initiative to raise a life changing £50,000 over the next 2 years by helping driving instructors get pupils and franchise providers get new ADI/PDI’s.  It is a totally risk free/high reward initiative! By helping your business you will also help the charity to continue to Drive The Difference.

Driving School Development is a specialist company delivering courses in business development and business expansion in online and group workshop environments.  The aim is to improve the level of professionalism within the driver training profession, helping all approved driving instructors achieve an income and work/life balance they need.

Interested in driving your business forward whilst at the same time contributing to a worthwhile charity?

Contact Driving School Development at or call 07956399076