From the DVSA:

We’re delighted to share our Annual Review, which is now available to read online.

What’s in the Review and where you can find it

Our Annual Review takes a closer look at some of the stand-out successes of the past year, with our colleagues from across DVSA sharing their experiences working on certain road safety projects.

You can find it online.

It’s a great read that celebrates the hard work of our staff and highlights the talent and determination that drives forward our work to make roads safer.

Our Annual Report and Accounts

We’ve also published our Annual Report and Accounts(ARA).

Our ARA shows what we’ve spent in order to meet our core purpose of helping the public stay safe on Britain’s Roads. It also includes our sustainability report, which demonstrates how we have performed against key environmental metrics and updates stakeholders on performance against our 2021-22 business plan.

We have a duty to remain open and transparent about our expenditure and performance, and publishing our ARA online helps keep you informed of our progress.

What next?

Not only are we recovering our services following the pandemic, but we are actively seeking to improve them as part of our ongoing vision for road safety.

As part of our commitment to keep you informed about our work, we recently published our Business Plan, which has more information on what we are working towards as an organisation.