From the DVSA:

Regulations have been laid in Parliament for the planned changes to the rules on driving licence acquisition and the motorcycle riding test.

If the draft legislation is approved by MPs, the changes will be introduced in the new year.

The recommended changes are:

  • any candidate who has already passed a test for a manual vehicle for a car, lorry or bus who passes a medium sized lorry (C1), medium sized lorry and trailer (C1+E), minibus (D1) or minibus and trailer (D1+E) test, using an automatic vehicle, will get both the manual and automatic entitlements for that sub-category. This change brings these subcategories in to line with the main C and D categories where these arrangements already apply
  • that the Minimum Test Vehicle Requirement (MTV) for motorcycles used for the A2 test be reduced from 395cc to 245cc, provided that the other MTV requirements are still met

We will keep you updated on progress