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Rob qualified as an ADI in 2006 and switched to automatic/EV in 2017. I passionately run EV presentations, electric car displays and Q&A’s primarily aimed at driving instructors to help with making informed decisions. Across the last few years, I’ve taken part in various media related EV activities including news pieces with BBC and ITV. I co-organised the Nottingham EV Owners Club and managed various events.

An honest, upbeat and realistic guide to being an EV driving instructor exploring the rise of automatics, the ups and downs of life in an electric car, whether it’s the right choice for you and an appraisal of the current situation as we race towards a rather exciting future. This extended version of my presentation will explore far more detail and allow plenty of time for questions. We’ll examine the reasons driving instructors and the public choose to switch to EV, take a tour through the environmental and technological implications of the rise of the electric car and consider the effect on our industry of the 2030 transition deadline.

Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:

1.An upbeat guide to EVs through the lens of a driving instructor.

2.Tour through the available models and the suitability of EV’s for tuitions.

3.Learn about the running costs and the details of the charging network.

4.Balanced guidance acknowledging the issues and limitations.

5.The opportunity to ask any question about anything related to electric cars.

7-9pm, Tuesday, 23rd March

Price: £20+VAT

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