The Scottish Government announced on 17 November that 11 areas in Scotland will be moving into level 4 restriction from 18:00 on Friday 20 November for a period of 3 weeks.

This means that a series of restrictive measures will be in place to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

You can read more about the measures and which areas this includes on the Scottish Government’s website.

All DVSA services will continue as normal in areas in protection Levels 0 – 3. We will keep them under review in line with Scottish Government guidance.

Driving lessons in Level 4 areas

The Scottish Government has confirmed that driving lessons will be suspended in areas that move into protection Level 4. If you live in an area under Level 4 restrictions, you must not travel out of this area to give driving lessons or to take a pupil for a test.

If you live outside a Level 4 area you cannot provide lessons for pupils in a Level 4 area.

Further guidance can be found on the Scottish Governments website.

Your pupils can still have private practice using their own car if they and the supervising driver are from the same household and it is part of an essential journey.

Driving tests in level 4 areas

All car driving tests will be suspended in areas that move into protection level 4. 

This includes ADI part 2 and 3 tests and standards checks.

We’ll email pupils who are affected by this to let them know we will reschedule their test.

If you have booked a test for any of your pupils at a test centre that has moved into protection level 4, you will receive an email to let you know it will be rescheduled to a new time and date. You will need to contact your pupil to let them know.

We’ll then send you an email with the new time and date as soon as possible; please ask your pupils to be patient.

If the new time and date isn’t suitable for you or your pupil, you can choose a different time and date on GOV.UK. You will need your pupil’s driving licence number to do this. Your pupil does not need to pay again to do this.

Travelling out of a level 4 area for a test

The Scottish Government is putting travel restrictions into law on 20 November to further enforce the current guidance that restricts people who live in a Level 4 local authority area from travelling outside their local authority except for an essential purpose.

Any of your pupils who live in an area under protection level 4 must not travel out of the affected area to take a test. If they do, the examiner will not be able to test them.

Theory tests in level 4 areas

All theory tests will be suspended in areas moved into protection level 4. We will email candidates affected by this to let them know their theory test is on hold and that they will need to reschedule it on GOV.UK.
This is in line with the Scottish Government guidance.

Level 3 travel restrictions

If you live or operate in a protection level 3 area you can continue to provide driving lessons to any of your pupils as long as they don’t live in a protection level 4 area.
If your pupil lives in a protection level 3 area they can take a test in this area and travel out of the area to take a test as long as it isn’t in a protection level 4 area.

More information

Check GOV.UK for the latest about:
theory tests
driving tests
instructor guidance


The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. 
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