Bob is vastly experienced, having become an ADI in 1989, and since have qualified as a teacher, level 5 coach, assessor, and internal verifier. Bob holds a RosPA diploma in advanced driving instruction, and holds an IAM F1rst.
Bob Morton
Previous to becoming a training expert, Bob joined LDC in 1991 and quickly became a team leader, trainer, trainer of trainers and eventually the director of training. During this time he was  responsible for the writing and delivery of training courses. This also included courses on how to become an ADI. Bob’s content focuses on how to become more client centred.
Session description 
All too often when speaking with ADI/PDI’s it seems the wheels came off during the session with the examiner in the back. For a myriad of reasons it seems, but when asked if what they did was what they would normally do on a lesson, the answer is very often “no”. This masterclass will help you develop ways of working that avoid these scenarios.
Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:
  1. Learn to deliver training sessions that stay on track (and look attractive to those observing)
  2. Learn to use practice areas to develop more fruitful training sessions (and better scores on exam)
  3. Learn how to better prepare for standards checks/exams (becoming you on a good day!)
  4. Learn how to manage things when they go awry (don’t they always?)
  5. Learn how to better cope with the pressure of standards checks/exams

Session duration: 2 hours

Session date & time: 6-8pm, 30 March 2022

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