If traffic lights are hidden, are they enforceable?

This is the question one candidate is asking after failing her driving test.

Blaming workers for “inconsiderate” shoddy parking of vans, driving instructor Gareth Wilson said he was “gutted”. His student who was automatically failed when she ran a red light in Stoneferry Corridor, Hull, during her October test.

Seeing red

The unlucky learner said she spotted the lights late because vans were blocking her view. Wilson reviewed dashcam footage of the test and says he agrees with her, Hull Live reports.

“When she told me she’d gone through a red light I was a bit surprised,” says Wilson. “I thought it was fair for her to fail, when I saw the footage and how the vans were parked I was upset for her though.

“The vans were completely blocking the view of the lights, I couldn’t believe how they were parked to be honest.

“Even an experienced driver would have struggled to slow down in time for that red light I think but for a learner with all the nerves and focusing on the test it was impossible.

Wilson says the vans completely blocked his student’s view

“The examiner was even apologetic, I don’t blame them there are rules and if you go through a red that is an automatic fail.

“I was just absolutely gutted for her, it has knocked her confidence and now she’ll have to wait for another test and pay for it too.”

The long wait

The candidate will have to wait three months before she can have another attempt at passing her test. However, with the current long waiting lists due to Covid-19, it could well be a lot longer.  On top of the inconvenience of not having a full licence, she will have to pay again and pay for refresher lessons.

ADI Wilson believes the contractors parking was dangerous for anyone using the road – never mind a learner driver. He says his students are becoming more anxious and they want to repeatedly practice areas with roadworks on testing routes. “I did contact to council straight away with the video to show them what had happened, I didn’t get a response but there haven’t been vans parked on the central reservation since.

“I’m taking that as something as a victory and makes it a bit safer but it doesn’t help my student”.

“I feel sorry for learner drivers around the city at the moment, it is difficult for everyone but especially for them”.

He says the markings have been “changed back and forth” several times.

Admitting it “isn’t easy for anyone”, its much tougher for pupils. “Spare a thought for all the learners who are having to deal with this too, it’s pretty horrible.”

Hull City Council were approached but said they would not comment on a decision made by an independent examiner.

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