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A word to the wise

Prison is a little closer for drivers with the long-awaited changes to sentencing guidelines. These came into effect on 28th…

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Speeding and driving

Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Four’ and is cited as a direct cause for 95% collisions in the UK,…

Better Training

It’s not for you!

Mobile phone use while driving is increasing, which is a statement that will not surprise most people. Data from Paul…

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Kindness breeds kindness

Compassion makes up three components, these being – kindness, common humanity and mindfulness. We can all fall victim to our…

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Mirror mirror on the wall

The mirror neuron system precipitates the experience of empathy because we have ‘mirror’ neurons in our brains which are special…

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Safely as you go

The new ‘Safe Driving for Life’ (SDFL) website goes live. As the official publishing partner for the DVSA, TSO welcomes…

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ADI training where to next?

A lot has changed over the years, but has training kept up?
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Changing young driver minds pt2

2. It’s Only Natural Did you know teenagers are supposed to take risks? As a society, we educate teenagers in…

Better Training

Changing young driver minds

1. A Change of Behaviour   Helping teenagers G.R.O.W. to make safer choices In this series of articles, I am…