Coaching Confidence

Tuning in

Just as in navigating life in general, we will meet a variety of different people; some we will gel with straight away and feel like we’ve always known them.
Coaching Confidence


Flexibility is one thing, but you still need structure to your lessons
Coaching Confidence

Get positive

Forget negativity, positive thinking is a progressive teaching tool
Coaching Confidence

Find a solution

Working together on the best formula will produce satisfying refreshment
Coaching Confidence

Into focus

Clear goals and effective feedback make your lessons sharper and more effective
Coaching Confidence

They Think It’s All Over

The winning formula is self-development, giving your pupil the time and confidence to discover, understand and develop
Coaching Confidence

Role On

Understanding the expectations for role play is essential if you are to avoid the risk of gambling, and deliver effective learning
Coaching Confidence

Playing Your Part

Your personal performance is critical to the success of the role you play, but also your job as a trainer
Coaching Confidence

Understanding the Script

Role play may reverse your position in the car, but you remain the teacher and in charge
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