Gather all the details you need about potential new clients, including availability, special needs or if a driving test is already booked. Save yourself hours of back-and-forth each week, with Enquiry Manager.

The award-winning driver training technology provider, GoRoadie, has released a “game-changing” new feature to their smart diary management app, GoRoadie Pro. Enquiry Manager helps driving instructors collect new pupils information all by using a single bespoke link, removing the need for a back and forth over the course of a few days. This powerful, but simple to use, new tool represents you and your driving school.

How does it work?

Enquiry Manager collects all the required information you need before taking on a new learner, so you don’t have to: Contact details, pickup location, past experience, Covid vaccination status, special needs, even theory or practical test dates if booked (which in some cases is an early red flag).

Just reply to someone asking them to follow your link. It’s that easy. You’ll receive a message as soon as the prospective student has completed their information. Then simply decide if you want to accept them, add to your waiting list or decline – all with a tap of a button.

If you accept, great, we offer an option for you to collect your full lesson fee with no charge to your business. If they go on the waiting list, from just a tap, we will check in with them every few weeks to ensure they haven’t found another instructor – keeping you in-the-loop all the way. If you decline, the learner receives a polite message wishing them well, meaning your side is done from a single button press.

And for those with a Facebook page or a Website; simply add a button that takes pupil’s straight to the Enquiry Manager, meaning even less work.

Amanda testimonial

“Absolutely love this app!! It’s so user friendly and easy to customise. I love the enquiry manager as it definitely weedles out the unreliable straight away!”
Amanda Macbeth, XL Driving School

Intelligent Instructor users receive a special discount of £10 per month instead of the standard price of £12. Start your two month trial today.

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Boosting your business and saving you time

GoRoadie is committed to saving ADIs time and money, up to £240+ every single week. Along with Enquiry Manager, GoRoadie Pro has many more powerful features to help you have a better work-life balance, from our innovative approaches, like:

  • Lesson Check-In – Super-charged lesson reminders help reduce no-shows up to 80%, by asking pupils to check into their next lesson, just like a flight!
  • Highly-Rated Reflective Logs – Using the latest, best-practice approach, this was developed with guidance from client-centred training expert, Bob Morton.
  • Ease of Use – 100s of driving instructors are telling us “I’ve tried all the apps, and finally this is the one for me because it is so easy to use.”

Instructors across all four nations are looking at GoRoadie Pro, whether they are paper based or using other apps. With over 1,000 downloads in the last six months, serious and professional ADIs are choosing GoRoadie Pro to help manage their business.

And for those just getting started in the industry, GoRoadie Pro is absolutely free for PDIs.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer learners I decline to other instructors?

No, these are your contacts. We work with hundreds of instructors across the country, so if you’d like us to offer the pupil to someone else, you can let us know.

My waiting list is already overflowing, how can Enquiry Manager help with that?

GoRoadie Pro maintains your waiting list automatically. We check in with your potential pupils every few weeks. If they have found another instructor, we let you know and archive them. This means your list is always fresh and up to date, so you know you’re getting in touch with a true potential new start.

What happens if a pupil’s availability changes?

When we check in, we always ask if there have been any changes to their availability. This is updated and shows directly in your waiting list.

Can I get paid up-front?

Yes, when you accept a pupil, you can choose to offer them a date and time and ask the pupil to pay online. On the date of the lesson, you’ll receive your full rate in your bank account. You can also do this manually and get paid directly. You’re in full control

Terry Cook

“Enquiry Manager is game-changing. I’m going to save hours each week not having to text back asking for extra details!”
Terry Cook, The Instructor Podcast

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Try out GoRoadie Pro and its powerful and easy-to-use features for free for two months — no credit card required! When you subscribe, pay just £10 per month instead of the standard price of £12. No hidden charges and absolutely no text fees.

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