Since 2015, GoRoadie has been collaborating with driving instructors across the country to help them gain more business, on their terms.
It all began when Alex, a newly qualified instructor, had blown his budget on Facebook and GoogleAds with little success and needed help. He reached out to the high-tech duo, and soon their ambition was stretching beyond helping one instructor; they saw an industry that needed help, and an opportunity to get involved.

Since then, they have built what has been described as the ‘Airbnb for driving instructors’, a platform for all instructors to showcase their business to a new generation of pupils. Beginning in Scotland, where they helped over 1,000 learners in 2019 choose their driving instructors, GoRoadie has now expanded across the whole of the UK. Already, over 10% of all learner drivers in some of our major cities are booking ADIs and lessons through this instructor platform. Booking online suits the younger generation; just think Netflix, Deliveroo or Uber, and you’ll understand why it is proving so popular.

Live Performance

“Everything has been built with the instructor in mind, giving them full control, not just peace of mind. That’s why our set of user features is fully flexible,” says founder, Michael Carr. Instructors can set themselves to fully booked whenever they want, which means you choose when you build your diary, only receiving alerts when available. But managing ADI diaries is not GoRoadie’s business; once you take a student, it is up to you to manage that pupil however you choose. This means that whatever diary management system or app an ADI uses, they retain maximum flexibility. GoRoadie provides the ADI with all the pupil details they need up-front, including pupil availability, theory test information, pick-up location and more. So, the instructor can easily decide if they want to take any particular pupil on or not.


I’m sure you’ve had a student ask for details, but then fail to get back in touch, or a no show because they’ve been out the night before and can’t get up in time. It’s a frustrating and all too common experience that GoRoadie is keen to prevent. If a student is unreachable when you have taken up the referral, they immediately prioritise getting that instructor someone else into their car, which of course is free. Or if you have doubts about a student’s commitment, there’s also an optional Payment Request system for pupils to pre-pay. It’s about working together to make a system that works efficiently and effectively. The company refer to the venture as a partnership, utilising the feedback and experience of over 1,000 instructors to refine and improve the system. Obviously, the more effectively it works for ADIs and pupils, the better it is for the business as a whole. As Michael puts it: “Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for each and every ADI, and we push for this every day”.

Find Out More: michael@goroadie.com
Free student trial: https://www.goroadie.com/partner