Green Dino

Green Dino, despite its name, is far from being a dinosaur. Instead, it sees itself at the cutting edge of modern driver training by providing driving simulators with automated instruction, and has been working with driving schools in the Netherlands since 2003. The system has been tested and reviewed by three scientific PhD researchers whose conclusions backed the reliability and validity of the learning methodology utilised within the ‘Mental Transition’ program. Their work included experiments with and surveys of more than 100,000 students. One hour in the simulator was believed to be as effective as two hours on the road, with feedback showing a 64% reduction in driving incidents during the first 12 months after licensing.

The Real Thing

The driving simulator works without the need for instructor accompaniment, making it possible to earn money while the instructor is out on the road. The total costs are £475 per month, making it particularly useful for the multi-car driving school, allowing pupils to practise between on-the-road lessons. Victor, the virtual instructor, is adaptive and trains the students following the driving procedure Category B, produced by the National Driver Test Agency CBR. Its interactive abilities mean Victor’s input and support reduces according to driver need and fault levels. A major evolution to the system came in 2009. In cases where a student doesn’t look at a mirror, or over his/her shoulder in an appropriate fashion, the area turns red. This improvement in making the driver more habitually aware behind the wheel has been deemed a significant factor in achieving the 64% decrease in crashes, 32% below the Dutch average, during the first 12 months after licensing for those that used the driving simulator in conjunction with on the road driving lessons. Another major improvement was achieved with the addition of the hazard perception training element of the simulator, and is credited with helping increase first time driving test pass rates by 34%.

Effective & Efficient

In 2018, Green Dino came to the UK, with Coventry based SmartLearner driving school: “The driving simulator is an innovation for the future of driving lessons. The simulator at first glace is an intriguing device that leaves everyone who sees it curious as to the service it provides. A stepping stone into the future, at its core it teaches pupils the fundamental techniques they need when driving, all in a 100% risk free environment. Ultimately it reduces the amount of lessons pupils need and therefore saving them money in the process. Green Dino have been nothing but helpful and worked closely with us to ensure that the simulator is in the best state for both our pupils and us as a company. For that we are especially grateful as it allows us to deliver on the promise of excellent customer service that we pride ourselves on.” Both SmartLearner and the simulator itself will be at the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo 2019! Find Out More:, Or call: 0031 317 467760