Due to recent Government restrictions on providing driving lessons, most instructors now find themselves with a backlog of pupils queuing up to get behind the wheel, so it would be a shame to miss out on a potentially lucrative revenue stream requiring very little effort.

As driving instructors, your opinion around all things car focussed is often sought after and well respected by pupils and insurance is just one area they may have no idea where to start.  To assist with this, Marmalade has designed an informational booklet to encourage wider thinking and discussion, and if the young person goes on to choose Marmalade to buy from, it’s a bonus for the driving instructor.

Marmalade has a suite of products for young people to choose from, from learner driver insurance – a ‘bolt on’ policy to the main driver’s insurance, to products that convert from learner to post test with no increase in price on passing – visit Marmalade for further information.

Safer, Fairer, Simpler.  

Young driver safety is at the heart of everything Marmalade does, and in the knowledge that a new car is a safer car, Marmalade’s Cars for Young Drivers scheme enables young people to buy a Brand New Car with 2 years FREE insurance (ts&cs apply).

Excitingly, driving instructors can earn commission on all Marmalade products at Marmalade Network  !

There are many referral schemes out there, but Marmalade Network focusses solely on supporting and rewarding ADIs, and with commissions ranging from £25 – £250, it’s one well worth joining.

Suzy Walsh, Marmalade Network manager says “There’s no limit as to how much an instructor can earn, all we ask is that they hand out a booklet, leaflet or business card.  Many ADIs pop one of these into their pupils’ Welcome Pack, others may hand them out during a lesson.  If an instructor wants to be even more active, we can provide banners for their website / social media that automatically link the ADI for commission via their unique referral code. There’s no selling involved and many members receive multiple payments with very little effort on their part.  ADIs are generally happy in the knowledge they’re going that extra mile by informing their pupils about reputable companies offering tried and tested products.

“The Network is well established with several thousand subscribers. Over time it has listened to the needs of instructors nationwide and added to its offerings.

Suzy says “We have a dedicated team at the end of the line ready to answer enquiries and to signpost ADIs to Marmalade products ranging from Commercial Breakdown cover to Tuition Vehicles with the option of insurance included.”  Instructor cars.

Bearing all this in mind it makes sense to consider referral schemes when looking at ways of potentially supplementing your income.  Why not visit Marmalade Network to find out more!