“I just need some space”

How many times do we hear people say that? They’re usually talking about space between themselves and other people, but what about the space we need in life generally? Do we allow for it?

It’s funny isn’t it. We think about all the things we need to fill the space yet space is probably the thing we need the most!

Space and time

Space for what? Well nothing actually. There are natural gaps between our thoughts, tasks and events of the day. But we don’t like gaps, they make us feel… bored or restless usually. So, we fill them all up. Mind the gap!

What are your favourite gap fillers? Mine is definitely social media. However, I am acutely aware that this is something I’m needing to get a handle on.

When we allow for the space to just be as it is, without trying to change it, interesting things happen. We notice things we don’t usually notice. Our senses are boosted as we are open to experiences that are going on all around us. We get inspired. Sometimes we suddenly get an urge to start doing something creative! We might remember something that inspired us and get a surge of motivation.


Entering orbit

What is space anyway? Is there even such a thing? The world still turns, the wind still blows, the birds still sing, the sun goes up and down so there is never a time when nothing is happening. The space exists within ourselves.

In simple terms, creating more space in our own minds allows for more good stuff to filter into our lives. Things that our true selves really need and and desire, that reflect our true nature. It’s easy to cram up all our ‘gaps’ so tightly that there simply isn’t room for anything else.


One small step

I do understand that filling the gaps is also a way of blocking out the thoughts that we don’t want. Rumination and intrusive thoughts were close friends of mine once upon a time. I get it. I’ve had difficult times in life too, very difficult times. But I’ve also learned that not addressing difficult feelings and simply filling the gaps doesn’t really work long term either.

So, Mind the Gap! The next time you have a natural gap in your day, just notice what happens. You might be surprised.