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Faith or Fear

So December fourth 2018 was D-Day for the DVSA’s updated test, ditching one much loved manoeuvre the turn in road and the hated reverse around a corner
Teaching Targets

Corporate Driver Training

Professional drivers can also benefit from advanced driver training, and it's another worthwhile area of teaching for you
Intelligent Answers

Check out these frequently asked questions

From ADIs & PDIs from across the industry on a range of issues and topics
Electrifying Stuff

The Electric Learners

As the non-sensical stigma against auto finally dies away the demand for automatic continues to increase rapidly

Dipod show 147 – Motorway Driving

We continue our chat with Richard Borges from Intelligent Instructor and we look at various aspects of driving and teaching on the motorway
Business Minutes

Putting The Brakes On

Of course it’s great to be in demand, but when its your own business, it’s very difficult to turn work down
The Debate

Should 80mph be the new motorway limit?

We want yo know your thoughts - Vote thumbs up or thumbs down
Business Matters

Seeing, Hearing, Speaking

Being able to communicate effectively with your students in order to impart your valuable knowledge to them is undoubtedly the most important role of being a driving instructor
Look Who's Talking

Nic Fasci

Being brought up in an area steeped in motoring history and engineering, it is probably no surprise that he’s a sought-after engineer, vehicle tester and trainer