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Ian McIntosh

Chief Executive of Red Driving School, winners of FirstCar's National Franchise of the year tells us why he's REDy and Willing
Intelligent Answers

Check out these frequently asked questions

Check out these frequently asked questions from ADIs & PDIs from across the industry on a range of issues and topics
Teaching Targets

Advanced Driving

Moving on from the basic L-driver curriculum, advanced driver training is a great step forward for any driver
The Debate

Is it our duty to pay more for fuel?

Sue Bates - Clean Air Campaigner Friends of the Earth and Quentin Willson - FairFuelUK Campaigner, give us their views
Business Matters

It’s Coming Home

It may be a game of two halves, but you want to be on the winning side even if that means losing some on the way
Business Minutes

Reboot & Refresh

Doing something different in work with your skills can be less of a chore, more of an exhilarating challenge
The Debate

Are 20 mph zones a good and welcome idea?

Neil Worth - Road Safety & Motoring Information Officer GEM Motoring Assist and Malcolm Heymer - Technical Advisor Association of British Motorists (ABD), give us their views
The Debate

Do Police vehicles need fuel injection?

Tim Rogers - Pursuits Lead Police Federation of England & Wales and Neil Worth - Road Safety & Motoring Officer GEM Motoring Assist, give their views
Premium Thinking

80mph on motorways

Is it time to change the speed limit? Analysis on the viability of this from Tom Harrington ADINJC member.